August 11, 2009

The train.


The girls love riding the train with a passion that is generally reserved for princesses, queens, Alice in Wonderland and Mary Poppins. Fortunately, we live walking distance to the Metra, making it possible to take train field trips to downtown Chicago, or neighboring suburbs, fairly often.

Today we took the train to the train restaurant -- a restaurant where your food is delivered on a small train -- and then took the train home again.

Tutu skirts were worn, train tickets were punched and a great time was had by all.




  1. Oh this really makes me want to take a little trip to the city on our train...we have never done that!!

  2. Anonymous3:08 AM

    We have never taken a train ride, but I plan too!! I love the photeo of your little one holding the ticket and her tutu. So cute! Really captures the moment!

  3. Sounds like SO much fun! You live in such a GREAT area! Enjoy these last few days before kindergarten:)

    LOVE that last of my all time favorites!!!!

  4. LOVE these pictures and the tutus on the train!!!!! You really have an eye for taking fab pictures!!!

    I have been away and was anxious to see who won the dress?? Did I miss the announcement??



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