August 1, 2009

This just makes me smile.




Michal and Kenna dance and sing a good portion of the day. They make up songs and put on shows and line up every doll they can find to be their rapt audience.

We were recently at their music class, which is held at a beautiful historic mansion. On the mansion grounds there is a permanent outdoor stage where plays are put on during the summer months. When we were leaving class and walking to our car, they saw that the stage had a new background and asked if we could go and look at it. Looking at the stage quickly became dancing and singing on the stage while I was their audience of one.

It was the perfect show.

(Michal is in hot pink and Kenna is in yellow.)


  1. I've followed your blog since you went to China and just love reading about Michal and Kenna. I think it is great that your girls like to perform and that they have a music class. Are they also in dance? I think I heard that they took gymnastics once? They would LOVE dance classes, I'm sure, as there are always sparkly, princess like costumes for recitals!

  2. I have had the honor of seeing their performances in person during our reunion, and I was in awe how they would both just instantly burst out in song and dance. They are very talented!

  3. a private show just for you... you are one lucky mommy : )

  4. Good for you for taking them to a music class. So good for them! Are they starting kindergarten in the fall? What an exciting year!



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