August 12, 2009

Overheard this morning.


This morning the girls were upstairs getting dressed -- or at least that's what they were supposed to be doing. I was downstairs and could hear Michal yelling but couldn't quite make out what it was she was yelling about. I went upstairs and got to the doorway of her room just about the same time Kenna did.

Michal was lying on her bed, hand to her forehead, yelling, "Kenna, Kenna, I need a doctor."

To which Kenna responded, "Michal I am not just a doctor. I am also an engineer and I have a train to drive."

And then tonight, when I asked Kenna what she wanted for dinner, she offhandedly told me, "I'm not hungry, except for ice cream. Well, ice cream and cake."

UPDATED: Since several of you have asked about the girls' skirts . . . they're from Janie and Jack and were purchased a couple years ago. They're a size 3 but were huge in the waist and only fit them now!



  1. So adorable! Ice cream and cake:)

    LOVE those skirts....can you share the source?

  2. The Princess always tells me that cake will make a stomachache feel better:). Cake and ice cream do sound great for supper! My girls want to know where Michal and Kenna got their fancy ballerina skirts?

  3. Sign me up for a ticket on the ice cream and cake train - where I can also get a check up!
    Yeah, those skirts are pretty awesome.

  4. I'm just loving those skirts and the length of the girls hair, just beautiful!

    I actually just started putting cow-tails in my little ones hair, I saw them on your blog first, a long time ago!


  5. is this a photo op or do they always wear tutus and glitter shoes?

    so. darn. cute!

  6. Thanks for the update! I love Janie and Jack too, so sad it is only in the US, I've ordered a few things but the custom costs are pretty high!


  7. That is hysterical that I asked about the skirts because Kate HAD that skirt from Janie and Jack...she wore it with the sweater for Thanks giving her 1st year home:)



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