August 15, 2009

Michal and Mom Day


A couple times per month Eric and I spend the day with just one of the girls. I spent the day today with Michal and Eric spent the day with Kenna.

Michal and I ran a couple errands and then headed to her chosen destination . . . Chuck E. Cheese. We got our hands stamped with top-secret glow-in-the-dark ink, purchased 80 tokens and started playing games.

Michal had a pretty simple game plan, no pun intended, which basically was to win lots and lots of tickets! If she found a game that seemed to pay off pretty well, she simply played it again and again and again.

And she rode the carousel.

When her 80 tokens were gone, and her wad of tickets had been fed to the Ticket Muncher, she proudly took her receipt for 341 tickets to the prize counter. Those 341 tickets bought her a bevy of fabulous prizes including: one lavender foam tiara with stick-on jewels, two tattoos, two plastic bracelets -- one to bring home to Kenna -- and one blow-up pink and purple princess wand.

While we were gone Eric and Kenna went to Home Depot and then came home and built a train station in the driveway out of tables, a baby fence and a blanket. When Michal and I got home there were chalked tracks all the way down the driveway leading to where the station was before it was dismantled to make room for Barbie Jeep-driving.





  1. Sounds fun! Bill and I also take turns spending time with one twin at a time - we are always amazed at how different it is with one. Do you find that too? Our time together is so calm and I feel so close to the daughter I am with that day. Really great bonding time. I love it.
    Enjoy your weekend! It seems impossible that kindergarten starts Monday!

  2. Those pictures are heart beautiful

  3. OK I want the hairclip with the name on it for Catherine! Did you make it?

  4. thatgirlblogs,

    The hair clip is from Detail Shop on etsy. Here's a link to their store:

    I just ordered some more clips for both Kenna and Michal to help their Kindergarten teacher tell who is who. I figure it's like a name tage in their hair!


  5. Susan,

    I completely agree that it's much different with just one. Eric and I both laugh about how easy it is but it's also interesting how differently they act alone. I really enjoy that they just chat freely without any interruptions or distractions and I'm sure it's fun for them too.

    One of the funniest things that they both do is choose to sit on their sister's side of the car instead of their own.

    I guess it's just a moment of total freedom! I don't think either of them even know that the other does it too.


  6. I love these one on one dates....we do them too. I have those clips for Kate too but how do they stay in your girls hair. the clips are tiny!



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