August 25, 2009

I Heart Faces - Nostalgia

The theme this week at I Heart Faces is "nostalgia." I really like when I'm able to take new photos for the weekly theme, which is what I did this week.

This picture is of Kenna playing with my circa 1970-something Tupperware tea set. My mom saved it and gave it to me for the girls. It was one of my favorite childhood toys and it's one of their favorites too. The set is darling and includes pitchers, cups, bowls and a miniature "cake taker" all in orange, yellow, brown and green.

This picture makes me smile because Kenna is looking at that cupcake with so much affection you can feel it -- and I like how she looks like a little cat with the chocolate on her nose.


You can see lots of nostalgic photos, or enter a photo you've taken, at!


  1. How can I do wonderful pictures like yours? I covet your that a bad thing?

  2. Beautiful colors, and even the dress is retro... so a bit nostalgica there as well! Great shot!!

  3. Oh that little pitcher is my mom had one exactly that color (she still may have it actually!). Great nostalgia!!!



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