August 11, 2009

15 days.


Michal and Kenna start Kindergarten in 15 days.

15 days.

How is it possible that they are old enough for Kindergarten? How is it possible that they have so quickly gone from being babies to toddlers to little people who tell me each and every day just how very grown up they are? How is it possible that they will spend two hours and 55 minutes each and every day in a classroom, at a school, with a real teacher?

Before you are a parent, you scoff at the parenting cliches that those with children toss your way. You assume that they are cliches just like all the other cliches you've heard. But they're not. When people tell you that having a child is like have your heart walk outside of your body, they mean it. And when they tell you that being a parent is the most amazing thing you'll ever do, they mean that too. And when they tell you to enjoy every second when your children are little because they grow up so fast, they really mean that one more than all of the rest of the things they tell you put together.

When you are a parent, time flies.

In just 15 more days Michal and Kenna will walk into their Kindergarten class proudly sporting their new backpacks. They are positively ecstatic about going to Kindergarten. They talk about it nearly every day. They laugh and joke and say, "Mommy, you don't want us to go to Kindergarten, do you?" Followed by peals of laughter and, "We're going anyway," shouted in unison.

For them these next 15 days simply can't go by quickly enough.

And that's exactly the way it should be.


  1. Great post! Best wishes to those big kindergarten girls!!

  2. You know, I have a lot of those same feelings today as I went to register my oldest daughter for her senior year of high school. I really do believe it was just yesterday that I walked her to kindergarten. Really I do. Sigh... Good luck to your "big" girls!

  3. It does go by in the blink of an eye and that was one of the blessings of having a big age gap between Will and Kate...I already knew how quickly the time would fly because I ad seen 9 year blink by with him:) I wish the girls and you the very very very best:) If I lived in Chicago...I would take you out for croissants and a latte that morning to take your mind off of it, my friend:)

  4. So very true! My oldest is turning 10 this year and it doesn't seem possible!!

    Hope the girls LOVE school and you enjoy your time. Good luck!!

  5. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Kristi, I totally understand! How is it possible that my "babies" are going to start school in one week?! I'm not ready. Not one bit. I sure hope they are. It's great that your girls are excited about going to school - what a great way to start! It's also nice that they only go for a half day. Best wishes to all of you!

  6. Oh Kristi. I was there this time last year. It is SOOO HARD but you will be so proud of them. Hang in there and cherish each day from now until D day. What are you going to do with yourself while they are at school everyday?



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