July 6, 2009



Today the girls made their inaugural visit to Kiddieland.

It's an 81-year old amusement park filled with rides that were made before we worried about things like lead paint and five-point safety harnesses.

The girls absolutely loved it and I did too.

Their favorite ride was what they've dubbed "The Carousel of Vehicles." It's really called a German Carousel and instead of horses going around in a circle it has vehicles -- a fire engine, convertibles, a street car, airplanes, bicycles, scooters and motorcycles -- all painted bright colors and looking charmingly old, even though I'm sure they were representative of the "latest and greatest" in transportation when the ride was built in the 1940s.

The girls rode "The Carousel of Vehicles" at least 10 times and each and every time they carefully considered what they were going to ride in or on -- so many choices! -- and each and every time they chose the same exact thing. If one chose a convertible, the other chose a convertible. If one wanted to ride on the fire engine, so did the other.

Sadly, this is Kiddieland's final season. We'll be back though before the season ends. I know two little girls who would love to ride the "Carousel of Vehicles" again . . . and again.



Carousel of Vehicles


Sunday Drive



A sunny day.




The Kiddieland Sign


  1. Kiddieland looks like a great place! I've never seen a car carousel before. It looks like the girls had a great time.

  2. Sweet. It reminds me of my childhood. Your pictures are stunning.

  3. What fab summer fun---takes me back!!! What a shame that it is closing--these old parks are such treasures!!!!

    Thanks for the info on the flag skirts!!!! I think I'm a bit too late--but will have to search for one on Ebay!!!

    Thank you for sharing your pictures and experiences!!!

  4. Kiddieland looks so awesome! We had some place like this (Happy Hollow) until they decided to close it and renovate the whole thing. I'm sure it'll be nice when it reopens but when will they realize that "new" doesn't always mean "improved"?

    Your photos really are beautiful and that place will live forever in your photo albums.

    Our blog: Double Happiness!

  5. I found the flag skirt today at Gymboree--on sale--it was the last one they had--the size is a little big--but will be perfect for next year!!!!! I am soooo excited!!!
    thanks again for sharing where you found it!!!

  6. Donna,

    I've been to Happy Hollow! I was actually telling my friend -- who lives in your neck of the woods -- that Kiddieland reminded me of Happy Hollow.

    That's too bad their "updating" it. It was darling just the way it was.


  7. Barbara,

    I'm glad you were able to find a flag skirt for next year!

    I'm just trying to think of some other patriotic reasons the girls can where theirs this summer . . .




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