July 16, 2009

It's good to be five.



Kenna and Michal spent a couldn't-have-been-better afternoon at a princess birthday party for their friends, who are triplets, Kalina, Laryssa and Monika. (That's them above.) It was a pastel wonderland of princess goodness and they were so excited to be there.

My friend Anna did an amazing job planning the party and really thought of so many little details that made the party special.

It was outside, in their garden, and she created different areas for each of the games. The girls played "Pass the Poison Apple,"Musical Magic Carpets" and "Pin the Crown on Ariel." They all took turns whacking a butterfly pinata and then they made princess wands. Finally, they ate princess cupcakes and drank pink lemonade tea underneath a canopy decorated with pink gingham, tulle and silk flowers.

On our way home Michal announced, "I want the exact same party for my birthday!"

I told her that would be fine except we couldn't have the party outside in the garden because there would be snow on the ground.

She replied, "That's OK. The snow will just look like confetti. It will be perfect."

Yes, that would be perfect.


The girls "sleeping" after ending up with the poison apple.


Kenna down to the final two in "Pass the Poison Apple."


Musical Magic Carpets





This just cracked me up. All decked out in a princess gown but still climbing up the climbing wall.


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  1. I love it! The Queen probably would like to celebrate her 5th birthday in the same royal manner!



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