July 9, 2009

I Heart Faces - Sports in Action

splash 2

Well, I have to admit that this theme left me scratching my head a bit. I don't have little people playing soccer or football or baseball -- yet anyway! -- so I didn't plan to enter a photo this week. But then we were at the pool today and the girls were having an absolute ball. They certainly aren't exhibiting any Michaels Phelps-like swimming skill but I think splashing with enthusiasm counts as a sport.

In this photo I really like how you can see the water sheeting down Michal's arms, flying from her fingers and beading on her face. I also really like the photo converted to black and white because I think it really calls attention to the detail of all the splashing water.

You also can see lots of great photos, or enter a photo you've taken, at www.iheartfaces.com!


  1. Anonymous3:15 AM

    Beautiful Picture!

    I too love how the black and white makes the water drops stand out. Very nice :)

  2. Beautiful! It looks like a sport to me ;)

  3. Stunning photo of a beautiful child.

  4. And I love the swimsuit!

  5. What a wonderful picture! I love the joy on her face and the drops of water! LOVE IT!



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