June 6, 2009

Happy Graduation Raegan!

Raegan 1

Today is our goddaughter, Raegan's, graduation from 8th grade.

Raegan is a talented pianist and singer, a committed soccer player and a good student. She also happens to be warm, compassionate and a remarkably-mature young woman.

When she was only in grade school, she began annually baking cookies to sell to raise money so that she could in turn give that money away. One year she raised enough money to build a well for a community that didn't have one and another year she was able to outfit kids with back-to-school backpacks -- kids who would have otherwise not had a backpack for school.

She is also funny and silly and is positively adored by my two girls.

Congratulations on your graduation Raegan!

We love you.

(Photos taken by her mom.)


Raegan 4


  1. What a beautiful young lady, inside and out.

  2. Anonymous8:04 PM

    Do they have graduation from 8th grade? We only have graduation from high school around here (that I'm aware of anyway) and kindergarten, but that's kind of a pretend sort of thing.

    She is a beautiful girl.

  3. Congratulations on your graduation Raegan!

  4. Yes, they really do have 8th grade graduation. Raegan lives in California but they have it here in Illinois too. No caps and gowns or anything . . . just a ceremony.

    I had an 8th grade graduation too -- a zillion years ago -- so I think it's pretty common.

    Now Kindergarten graduation, that's a new one for me! :)



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