June 21, 2009

For the love of summer.


Door County is everything that's good about summer.

It's picturesque and tranquil and from the moment you arrive it just feels like vacation. The weather is warm but not hot. The lake is beautiful and clear. The hot pink sunsets are magical. Really, truly magical.

There are grapes and strawberries and cherries growing alongside the road and barns are as plentiful as inns and cottages. It's the kind of place where eating an ice cream cone a day seems like exactly what you are supposed to do and a horse and carriage clip-clopping down the street doesn't seem even a little out of place.

We went to Door County for the first time when the girls were just two. We loved it then and we're happy to be here again.

Eric and Kenna on the porch.


Michal, at Wilson's, eating, you guessed it, ice cream!


Kenna, at Wilson's.





IMG_1547 2

And, most importantly, Happy Father's Day to an amazing husband and father! I love you. And Happy Father's Day to Papa Dick and Papa Bud too.


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  1. Beautiful pictures. This looks like a beautiful place to visit!



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