May 28, 2009

"We're going to Kindergarten!"


Today was the girls' last day of preschool.

They were positively giddy with excitement. They told me no less than 10 times that tonight is their program, Tuesday is their picnic and then they are in Kindergarten. "Kindergarten Mom. We. are. in. real. Kindergarten."

I reminded them that there is a whole summer ahead of them before Kindergarten.

They didn't hear a word I said. Instead they just kept chattering about the joys of Kindergarten.

I finally asked them if they would rather stay home with me. They both giggled and said, "No way. We're going to Kindergarten!"

Oh my.

Kenna wore this bus driver hat nearly every single day of preschool. Her teacher loved it because it made it really easy for her to tell Michal and Kenna apart.


Michal writing her name at the beginning of class.


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  1. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I can't wait to hear your tales of Kindy! I hope you have an incredible summer full of fun in the meantime. Hugs to A & S's pen pals! Trish



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