May 27, 2009

A Happy Coincidence


It started with two dolls.

I had them made for Michal and Kenna. Kenna's has "bear ears" and Michal's has low ponytails. Kenna's had a dress with orange flowers -- her favorite color of the moment -- and Michal's has a dress with pink elephants -- her favorite color.

It was love at first sight. Kenna named hers "Kenna" and Michal, as you can probably guess, named hers "Michal." The girls love to ask me to say, "Hi Kenna" or "Hi Michal" so they can answer me in the breathy, little voice that has been assigned to "Little Kenna" or "Little Michal." Kenna in particular thinks this game is completely hilarious. She asks me, "Mom, are you just so confused?" I play along and tell her I absolutely can't tell her from her doll. She then launches into an explanation of how she has bones and muscles and her doll doesn't. Or she points out that her doll has no ears and she does. And sometimes she'll tell me, "Mom, she's just a doll and I'm a girl" as if I'm the one who started the game.

This morning I pulled a dress out of the closet and handed it to Michal to put on. She took one look at it and told me I should give it to Kenna. I asked her, "Why"" and she told me, "Mommy, it matches her doll."

Kenna took the dress and ran to get her doll. She brought her back and he doll's dress and the dress she was holding were made out of the exact same fabric. Not similar fabrics, not fabrics that complement on another but the exact same fabric. Kenna was elated. She carried that doll with her nearly every minute of the day today and she just beamed when anyone noticed that she and the doll matched.

* The girls' dolls were made by Heather at Bumblebird. Her work is amazing and she is a pleasure to work with! You can get to her etsy shop by clicking on the link above. She has a couple pre-made dolls listed or you can purchase the custom doll and choose the hair color, hair style, eye style and clothing. Once you're in her shop just scroll down a little to find the dolls.






  1. Where did you find these dolls? I need to send two to Tawain!!

  2. Mary,

    I added the information on bumblebird to the bottom of the post. She has an etsy store and the link is there.

    The dolls are really so cute -- and well made.


  3. Anonymous8:12 PM

    What a great story! They are adorable, the girls that is, but the doll is cute too!

  4. what beautiful photos! isn't she gorgeous.

  5. what a cute doll! i'm sure michal's is just as precious.

    love the girls dresses. girls are so much more fun to dress than boys... sigh!

  6. How very cool is that!

  7. Kristi, I am not find the link to bumblebird and when I type that in to the etsy site I am just getting a picture of a bird. Sorry to bother...but two little girls would love them!!!

    Mary McG
    in TN

  8. Mary,

    The bumblebird information disappeared from my post for some reason but I just added it back. Once you get to her shop, just scroll down a little to get to the dolls.


  9. thank you so much
    i just ordered a doll for Emilee

  10. Hi,

    I ordered a doll plus a olivia bear! Your girls are so cute and sweet. Thank you for sharing!

    Best wishes,



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