April 21, 2009

I Heart Faces - Self-Portrait

These are my weekly entries on the I Heart Faces blog. The theme this week is "Self-Portrait."

I have never, ever taken a self-portrait and really was planning on just skipping this week. But I chaperoned the girls' field trip today -- to a children's farm in 37-degree freezing rain -- so I had my camera with me and thought it would be kind of fun to give it a try. (That's what I actually like the best about the I Heart Faces blog -- it really pushes me to try new things.)

The picture of me alone was taken in my rear view mirror on the way home from school after the field trip. (Don't worry. We were in a parking lot at the time.) You can see the rain on the windshield, which I thought was kind of neat. I'm sure anyone driving by thought I was some crazy lady taking pictures of her rear view mirror.

Adults Entry


The picture of Kenna and I was taken on our bus ride home from the farm. It was pretty humorous to try to get a sharp photo on a bumpy bus, on a dreary day with no idea what I was actually focusing on. But hey, it was fun -- and Kenna thought it was downright hilarious!

Kids Entry


You can see lots of self-portraits, or enter a photo you've taken, at www.iheartfaces.com!


  1. Great job Kristi! I love the one in the car! You have very pretty blue eyes! Self portraits are HARD.

  2. Love them both. The crops are awesome!

  3. turned out very cute, especially considering your circumstances! ;)

  4. Oh I love these!!!

  5. Both of these are just beautiful! seriously - I adore your kids entry - gorgeous! and that cool rearview mirror shot is so impressive!

  6. Anonymous8:06 PM

    What a beautiful, incredible photo... want a date?

    Your Husband

  7. I love love love both of them!!!

  8. I love the photos! What a clever idea taking a photo of yourself in the rearview mirror!

  9. Both are very creative! Great job :)

  10. very cute! I saw that you have twin girls...I am a twin too and my sister is my best friend and we love meeting other twins :)



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