April 11, 2009

The Easter Bunny drives a car.


Michal and Kenna have declared that today is "Easter Eve." They've asked me a couple times why everyone doesn't call it that. They've also asked me repeatedly why Easter is only one day instead of two or three or four.

I have to admit I don't have a good answer for either question.

We started our Easter Eve celebrations at a Bunny Bash for the twins club I belong to. The girls did crafts, had their faces painted, danced and listened to an Easter story.

We then celebrated Easter and Passover with good friends. The food, as it always is at their house, was wonderful and the girls loved the cake Sophie and Chris had made. They declared it looked like "a wedding cake." (Anything labeled as "wedding" by them is extremely fancy and special.) They also loved the egg hunt Chris and Ileana had set up in their back yard.

Tonight at bedtime Michal asked me if the Easter Bunny was a person in a bunny suit or a real rabbit. I told her I didn't know. (It seems I'm somewhat short on good answers today.) Kenna then told her, with great confidence, that the Easter Bunny was a person in a bunny suit. Michal decided Kenna must be right. Armed with this new information, she told me she was sure that the Easter Bunny drove a car and hopped in to the houses since hopping the whole time would just be too tiring for someone in a bunny suit.

It seems the girls, unlike their mom, have lots of good answers.

Listening to a story at the Bunny Bash.


Kenna leading the "Bunny Hop."




Hunting for Easter eggs




The loot!


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