April 1, 2009

California Dreaming.


The girls and I are home from a glorious week in California. We were welcomed back by the remnants of the most-recent Chicago Spring snow fall. When Michal first felt how cold it was, she announced that we should live in California. My girl is a sucker for good weather.

We spent our week with my dear friend Cara, the girls' godmother, and two of her three kids, who happen to be our godchildren. Before we left I said to the girls, "Did you know Miss Cara is your godmother?" They both got huge grins on their faces and then Michal said, "Mommy, I have a fairy godmother and you didn't tell me?"

We went to Disneyland and California Adventure and rode rides and watched fireworks. We saw princesses and traded pins and had autograph books signed. We went to Legoland. We swam in the pool and played on the beach. We gawked at the blooming flowers and loved shoving our down coats deep in the suitcase where they stayed for seven glorious days. I wore flip flops, even on the plane home, and bought a new bottle of sunscreen and still managed to sunburn my face.

The girls were spoiled by Cara's children and loved every minute of all the attention they received from them.

It was a really great week with really good friends. I think Michal is on to something. We really should live in California . . . or at least visit more often.


  1. What a pretty photo of you and your daughters! I am glad you had a great time. Best wishes, Cindy

  2. I felt the same way when we were in China. Wearing flip flops in February was glorious! Glad you had a great time.

  3. Yes, yes, you really should live in California!! Michal has it just right.

  4. Anonymous4:35 PM

    Oh that photo of you and the girls is just awesome! Have fun!!

  5. I am biased, I think you should live in Orlando!

  6. My sweet little 5 year old Goddaughter calls me her Fairy God Mother too! I love being Ruby's Fairy Godmother!



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