March 5, 2009

Rub a dub dub, two mermaids in the tub.


We were recently strolling through the clothing section at Costco when Michal and Kenna spied a pile of Ariel bathing suits. And not just plain Ariel bathing suits but Ariel bathing suits with attached seaweed skirts. And when you are five, and happen to be enamored with all things princess, an Ariel bathing suit with a seaweed skirt is pretty darn exciting.

This morning they both showed up to take a bath in their new swimsuits. I'm not quite sure when they decided they were wearing swimsuits in the bathtub but they both proudly climbed in the tub wearing one so there must have been a discussion or planning session that I clearly missed.

They both also ended their bath with a stirring rendition of "Part of Your World," complete with a dramatic finish where they stood in the bathtub and announced their tails were now feet.

And then Kenna pointed out that the seaweed on her new suit is waterproof, which is always good to know.




  1. I'll be honest at age 38, if I could get away with an Ariel swimsuitwith seaweed skirt I would be over the moon. I also think if worn I would be taken to the nearest psych hospital...

  2. clearly, bathing suits are now THE outfit to wear for bathtime :)

  3. I want a waterproof bathing suit too! With a seaweed skirt ;o)

  4. That's adorable!!

  5. Anonymous1:05 PM

    I mean, seriously. Could they be any cuter? Is it possible? I think not.

  6. How cute! I've got to watch when we go to Costco or Mikayla will definitely end up with the same suit. (By the way, Love the new blog!)

  7. Congrats on your FIRST PLACE...

    I love the swimsuits too.

    You have some skills with photography.

    Thanks for sharing.


  8. Your girls are absolutely beautiful!!!!! I just found your blog today through the iheartfaces blog! I really enjoyed reading it!

  9. This is random, but I saw your comment on Little Sussy about nail polish, and I love that color too. I found it on ebay - if you google My Auntie Wears Chianti opi - it shows several ebay sellers at the top who are selling it, and it's not a fortune!

  10. Anonymous10:24 PM

    You must be, hands down, the best mom in the universe! Of course it is bath time if you have a new princess swimsuit and it's March in Chicago!

    Do Michal and Kenna enjoy looking at the fun and beautiful photos of themslves as much as we all do?

    My twins especially love watching themselves on video! The sillier the better.

  11. awwww those are so cute. great taste in clothes! hehe

  12. Those are the CUTEST bath pictures!!! The girls are so adorable in their suits - I was giggling reading about how they sang the Ariel song and their tails changed into feet. That's hilarious.



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