March 20, 2009

A butterfly and a shell.


We spent our day at the zoo today. It's cold again but the zoo has a wonderful inside family zoo. The girls played veterinarian for more than an hour and then we went to the "trading room." You have to be five to go into the room, so the girls think it is unbelievably, totally, spectacularly great to be able to finally go in. The room is designed to look like a kid's bedroom with two beds and shelves and drawers everywhere. The shelves and drawers are filled with just about anything you can think of that would have been found in nature -- rocks, shells, insects, gems and even antlers. You are allowed to bring things you found in nature to trade for things in the room.

The trading process was darling. One at a time the girls sat in the "trading chair." They then put what they'd brought to trade -- a pine cone and two oak leaves -- on the "trading tray." The zoo employee then asked them to tell her about what they brought. She gave them points based on what they're able to tell her about what they brought. Once she assigned the points, she told them they could bank them or use them to "buy" something in the room.

Michal chose to save some of her points and use some to "buy" a Monarch butterfly, which lead to an intersting conversation about what it means to be dead. Kenna also chose to save some and then used some to "buy" a shell because it reminds her of Ariel.

And then, joy oh joy, the carousel oil is no longer frozen so it was open! Michal, Kenna, the butterfly and the shell each rode twice.








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  1. What a fun zoo to be able to visit. I am glad your girls enjoyed it. Best wishes, Cindy



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