February 6, 2009

We're having a heat wave. Really, we are.

Today was sunny and 42 degrees. It was amazing. I literally couldn't stop smiling. Now if you happen to live somewhere like Texas or Arizona or Florida, you're thinking, "42 degrees is freezing" but no, 42 degrees is absolutely delightful after a winter that has been made up of endless days of below-freezing temperatures.

The girls and I went to the zoo where they helped a zoo keeper move the goldfish to their new tank, painted their faces so they looked, um, beautiful, made tails to wear out of a strip of pleather and gray masking tape -- our zoo gets an A+ for craft ingenuity -- and shrieked and screamed "ewww" when one polar bear decided to go to the bathroom and the other decided he'd watch . . . well, a little too closely! (Use your imagination to create the rest of the scenario and you'll scream "ewww" too.)

We rode in the tram and saw the new pair of lions that just arrived at our zoo. (Strangely, the male lion would not stop staring at Michal through the viewing window. And I mean intently starting. It was actually a bit unsettling for me. She thought it was pretty cool.) We saw Bison and camels and just loved being outside.

I'm still smiling just thinking about it. And the very best part? It's going to be in the 50s tomorrow!









  1. Love the "Mold-A-Rama" machine. One of my favorite childhood memories. Wish our Zoo still had them!

  2. wow looks like you guys had a great day.

    thank you so much for you advice on my problem. I will definantly check into finding a speech therapist that knows english or at the very least is familiar with bilingual children (there are a lot of turkish people in germany, but that again is a different type of bilingual).

    I also agree with you about his teacher putting her convience before desi's needs. In my experience here (i only started learning german 3 years ago), the german people connect intellegence with how well you speak thier language. It is really wierd, but i am sure it is true. they are VERY proud of there language (probably because anything similar to patriotism is illegal :))

    Once again thanks for the advice.

    oh and because i cannot say this enough. i really love reading you blog! your daughters are adorable and really funny!

    <3 amy

  3. It was a glorious 52 degrees today....I smiled all day, too!

    What a fun time at the zoo!

  4. We just did the same thing last Sunday, when it got quite warm here (for us, that meant 70 degrees--we would have stayed home had it been 42!). We also made a visit to the Mold-A-Rama machine--for a blue jaguar! My husband grew up going to this zoo (San Antonio) and had such fond memories of the Mold-A-Rama machines, so he made us get one. After years of hearing me say "no," Martina finally got her plastic toy--because finally her daddy went with us! (We usually go during the week).

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures!

  5. Yeah for warmer temperatures for you guys! So glad you were able to get out and have such an awesome day.

  6. What wonderful girls! Your photos are so good!! Here is wishing it was 40 in ANchorage!!

  7. Hi Kristi!
    I found your new blog-it looks GREAT! Yes, this 40+ weather is wonderful-did you know it's supposed to be 60 on Tuesday?!? :)

    Your photos are beautiful as always-you're a great photographer-i'm learning a little everyday-it's a lot of work mastering the ability to take great pictures-i've learned that recently taking a photo class at North Central-phew-w/ F-stops and shutter speed-i have a new appreciation!

    Question for you-how do you upload your pictures to be really large on your blog? When i upload mine i only get the choice small/med/large-and large isn't as large as i'd like?
    You can email me at: bmdwillow@yahoo.com

    Happy Chinese New Years!

  8. Nicole,

    To change the size of your images just do the following:

    1. Upload the photo to flickr at full size.

    2. Once uploaded, click on the image.

    3. Above the photo you'll see something that says "All Sizes." Click on that. It will give you multiple options for the image size.

    4 Choose the size you want and then copy the HTML code below the image.

    5. Paste that code in your blogger template.

    Depending on your blog design, the image may not fit. I can only post portrait-oriented images large.

    If you need help, just e-mail me.

  9. We are experiencing warmer temps too, and the snow is melting so it is very slushy everywhere!
    Love the face paint!

  10. These images are so cute. Glad you had some "warm" weather and were able to get outside. You are right...down here that would be considered down right COLD!


  11. Kristi,
    I can't believe the Brookfield Zoo still has the Mold-A-Rama machines! I can remember my GRANDFATHER taking me to the BZ one summer and we stopped at EVERY machine and made an animal. I think my grandfather just loved to watch the machine work! My Great-Grandfather helped build the zoo and my Grandfather told me that he and his brother would go to the zoo at lunch time and watch the workers build the exhibits.

  12. HI Kristi,
    I just had to come by and say hello. It's hard to get on the computer these days with my babe the toddler!

    Love your photos, no wonder you're a Mamarazzi!

    Well, come on over and say hi.

    Happy CNY to you all too.




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