February 27, 2009

Welcome home Nathan.


Today the girls and I went to the airport to meet our friends, Julie and Kevin, who had a layover in Chicago on their way home from China. They were returning with the newest member of their family, Nathan, and his proud big sister, Brynn.

The girls made two signs for the occasion all by themselves. When we arrived at the airport two other families in our welcoming party were already there. They'd made signs too.

Michal took one look at the sign Chris and Ileana made and declared,"Your sign is much better than mine." She then proceeded to hand Ileana her sign in exchange for the one Ileana was holding.

And I do have to say that Ileana's sign was pretty fancy. It had large letters in multiple colors. The word "HOME" was made into a house. And it was covered with stickers and glitter.

Ileana, Chris and Sophie were holding the fancy sign when Julie, Kevin, Brynn and Nathan finally arrived, made their way through Customs and were welcomed back to the United States by our greeting committee. We were able to spend a little bit of time with them before walking them to the airport train that would take them to to their next flight -- and the end of their 20-hour journey home.

We then went to the Choo-Choo Restaurant -- our own little welcome home party complete with train whistle cupcakes.

On the way home Michal again told me again, "Mommy, Miss Ileana's sign was gorgeous."

If you ever want to impress Michal, make sure that you use colorful letters, princess stickers and glitter . . . lots and lots of glitter.


Kenna (left) and Michal (middle right) and Sophie (right) admiring the gorgeous sign.


This is what bored children do in an airport.


The greeting committee.



Michal meets Nathan.




Sophie and Ileana at the Choo-Choo.


The beloved train whistle cupcake.



  1. Anonymous6:52 PM

    I like how the guy on the escalator gets in on the action too...see him waving, or is he part of the welcoming committee? :) Nathan is a darling.


  2. That's so funny because I noticed the guy waving too. And nope, we didn't know him. :)

  3. Anonymous9:15 PM

    What an adorable little boy. How old is he?

  4. Nathan is so handsome! Thanks for sharing the pictures Kristi. We wish we could have been there too.
    And I will remember to make a sign with lots of stickers and princesses and glitter when we finally meet up!

  5. Anonymous8:55 AM

    Aw, that is so sweet! The little boy and his sister are precious! Its so nice to see a family coming home from China! With all the delays and crazy long waits for China adoptions these days, its wonderful to see that families are still able to bring their babies home from China!!!

  6. Thanks for sharing these Kristi! I am jealous that you got to meet Nathan before us! Kenna and Michal and Sophie and Anna and Brynn are all looking great too.

  7. We should have gone with you to the restaurant. It looks like so much fun. Of course, we probably would have fallen asleep before our food got to the table!

    And to answer anon's question, Nathan will be 22 months the 12th of March.

  8. That airport is a familiar place for us. I also live in the Chicago area. I have two adopted daughters...those pictures bring back memories.
    Your girls are adorable!!!!
    That little boy is just precious!!!

  9. Its times like these when I consider it fortunate for us to be so close to our travel group families. Great photos, as usual, Kristi. I had my back to Sophie during the Choo Choo visit and totally missed her scarfing down that shake. She's a little bit of an ice cream freak - too funny!



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