February 18, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen . . .


"Mom, that music gets my body moving."

"That music," Michal was referring to was "Splish Splash" by Sha Na Na and it did in fact get her body moving.

We've hit the "show" stage . . . hard. During the day I am an audience of one, guaranteed the very best seats in the house. In the evening Eric and I make for a packed house of two. The girls turn out all of the lights -- except for for the one over the fireplace -- ask for music and then dance their hearts out. There is often singing, sometmes costumes, and last night they both had bells strapped around their wrists and ankles . . . and Kenna had on a veil. I guess it was a wedding show.

I remember putting on "shows" on my Aunt Judy's back porch with my younger sister and cousins, Bonnie and Carolyn. We'd line up folding lawn chairs and ask our oh-so-patient parents to watch and watch and watch. I also remember putting on shows in our front yard. I think I had big plans to charge for these fabulous shows. I had lots of big plans as a child.

I think my jingle-bell-dancing duo have big plans too . . . big plans and a sold-out audience for each and every show.



  1. How adorable! I'm sure Michal and Kenna are thrilled to have you in the audience each day!

    Thanks for the smile...

  2. I just love watching little ones put on shows. Our Zoe is all into that right now also. She can't get enough of the attention she attracts with her performance.

    Your girls are dolls. Not quite sure how you tell them apart!!!!

  3. Your girls are so cute! I love the show stage, my boys have been doing that for years. My five year old just started and it is so cute to see Ava copying him.

  4. Anonymous7:05 AM

    Your photo looks a lot like Shana's from Waiting for Sophie. I want to try it to.


  5. Shana's photos are always so lovely. I am immensely flattered if anything I take looks even remotely like hers.

  6. Kerri loves to perform for us too, it is way more entertaining than TV!



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