February 1, 2009



"Mom, I'm cursive."

That's what Kenna told me today when I told her she looked cute. She then explained that "cursive" means "fancy."

"OK," I said, "Kenna, you look cursive."

"I'm not Kenna, I'm Ariel."

But then I knew that, didn't I? She's been Ariel for two weeks now. She corrected her preschool teacher when she called her Kenna, asked me why her barrette didn't say "Ariel" instead of "Kenna" and has regularly reminded both Eric and I that she is Ariel when we forget and call her by, shudder, her given name.

In my defense, I just returned from two and half days in New Orleans. Two and a half days of strolling the French Quarter and eating the most decadent chocolate bread pudding I've ever had. (I'm hopeful the first will cancel out the latter.) Two and a half days of a hotel room all to myself. And, to Kenna's dismay, two and a half days to forget that she has christened herself "Ariel" in honor of her most-loved princess.

While I was gone, Eric was home with the girls. When I went to Hawaii, I made a treasure map for Michal and Kenna so they'd have something to look forward to each morning. Treasure-maps-because-mom-is-out-of-town are now the rule, so Eric dutifully made maps and sent the girls on hunts each morning.

These are the maps from the morning I returned home. Eric put glitter on them. He remembered to label them with each of the girls self-designated princess names and they even include an instruction to climb over the couch, which the girls thought was hilarious since they know they're not actually allowed to climb on the furniture, unless of course a treasure map tells them to.

In short, the maps are pretty incredible. I think you could even describe them as cursive . . . very, very cursive.




  1. Oh, New Orleans...I'm so jealous! I hope you had a "cursive" time!

    How sweet that Eric made those maps...such a neat idea! I'll have to keep that in mind for the future.

  2. New Orleans?1?!? Were you checking out the new Matilda Jane line?

    The treasure maps are a brilliant idea - I may have to use that for our next snow day to pass some time!

  3. I was actually checking out the new Matilda Jane line, which by the way, is perfectly adorable!

  4. I love the treasure map idea. You and Eric are so creative! I love the new blog.

  5. I can't believe your husband made those maps. They are impressive. Very cursive indeed.

    I can't wait to see the new MJ line. So exciting!!!

  6. How fun to have a couple days on your own. Chocolate bread pudding - yum!!!

    Those maps are simply adorable! What a wonderful Dad your husband is. And your Michal and Ariel are pretty amazing girls!


  7. A hotel room by yourself!!!!! Next time---I can meet you in New Orleans --it is not that far you know?

    Love the treasure maps and the stories. They are very cursive. The other day Kate told she NEEDS a plume. That fancy Nancy!

  8. Lucky you! Are you a TK or did your girls model? I cant wait to see the line!!

  9. Oops I did not read very well, hope you had a great time by yourself, mommy's need that once in awhile!!

  10. Love the treasure maps. What a great idea...I hope you don't mind if we use it!
    Oh, and walking cancels out chocolate any time. Maybe you should have had more chocolate.
    So tell us about your trip and the new line already!



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