February 26, 2009

I love you too.


This is what Michal told me at bedtime last night:

"Mommy, I love you because you're fancy and because you wore a very, very fancy wedding dress. I love you because you're pretty. And I love you because you help me sew. And I love you because I like to take a bath for a really, really long time, like 100 minutes, and you let me. And I really, really love you because I really, really, really like to go to Disney World and you took me for my birthday. I love you because you make such nice food that I like . . . like a waitress. I love you because you let me run errands with you and I love you because you're fantastic."

You know what Michal? I love you too.


The top photo is of Michal and the bottom photo is of Kenna. I usually don't do much, if any, post-processing so it was kind of fun to play around with these photos.


  1. Such a sweet baby!! It's great to be loved!!

    I don't always comment... but I was tagged and I enjoy your posts so I'll tag you too!

    See my blog at


    for details! :)

  2. Oh how cute...I need to add "waitress" to the list of jobs Mommies perform! LOL!
    Great pictures!

  3. Great photos of your beautiful girls! Isn't it sweet to be loved so much!


  4. That is pretty sweet. I did giggle about the waitress part. Those pictures are great!

  5. Love her dialog -- adorable (and funny).

    Awesome post-processing too -- the pics don't look fiddled with at all, they just look very, very cool. What did you do, please share!

    PS: My word verification on this comment is "herboy" and I have to admit that a tiny little fleeting thought crossed my mind of "wow, wouldn't it be crazy if I got that verification and K was thinking of adopting a boy!" I know, I know, off to get my morning coffee and mellow out. ;-)

  6. Beautiful photos, Kristi! Beautiful subjects!

  7. Beautiful words!!

    Where did you get their hats?

  8. I love all of Michal's "I love you" reasons, how fun to hear all of those perfect reasons, I especially love the "waitress" comment, LOL!

    So happy to have found your blog, I was a frequent visitor to your website but didn't realize you had a blog up until recently. :-)

  9. I'm a regular reader of your blog and I just teared up reading what Michal said! How sweet!! I bet that made your day!! Check out our little corner of the blog world and our little guy-to-be at http://www.mrorex.com

  10. Don't you love hats?! Those "I love you's" are so so sweet!



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