January 1, 2009

Our Pool Day or Why Sick Girls Shouldn't Swim.


Yesterday morning, our final morning in Florida, the day officially designated as bask-in-the-sun-by-the-pool day, Michal and Kenna woke up sick. And even though they woke up sick, they were not going to let anyone forget that we had promised we were going to the pool. Eric, the voice of wisdom in our lives, tried to tell me that sick girls really shouldn't go to the pool. But Michal was in tears and I thought it was important to do what we had promised . . .

So Michal and Kenna both put on their new strawberry bathing suits and we went to the pool. Our hotel had a series of pools, one of which was a baby pool that the girls loved. The pool wasn't very large and for some reason three dads were lounging in the baby pool taking up way too much room and causing little people to have to swim around them.

The girls had been in the pool for about 15 minutes when Michal swam past one of the dads, stopped, looked up at me with a horrified look on her face, and then threw up . . . And the remarkable thing was that no one noticed. Not one of those lounging fathers. Not one other child. No one. So I calmly picked her up and Eric picked up Kenna. We wrapped them both in towels and walked back to our room. Michal, in pure Michal fashion, asked me in total innocence, "Mommy, why are we leaving the pool already?" Hmmm. I can't imagine why.

Today, after a New Year's Day trip to Urgent Care, we learned that both Michal and Kenna have pneumonia. There won't be any more swimming for a while.


  1. Unfortunately or otherwise, a classic parenting moment, eh? Sorry to hear that your trip ended on a sick note. Hopefully, they'll feel better soon. Sounds like they had a fabulous birthday bash up to that point, though!

  2. How funny that Michal didn't know why you made her get out? Sounds like my boys-swimming trumps EVERYTHING. Hope they feel better soon, by now they are surely on their way.

  3. Anonymous5:19 PM

    Oh, just one of those memorable moments we have as parents! My daughter would have done the same thing.

  4. I am sorry to hear that the Kenna and Michal have pneumonia. I hope they both feel better very soon!

    Take Care,

  5. So sorry to hear the girls are sick, but at least it happened at the end of the trip, not the beginning! Hope they are feeling better soon!

    Your new blog looks fabulous BTW!


  6. I hope the girls get well soon!

  7. I hope the girls are feeling better. I LOVE your new blog look. It is gorgeous. I am sure it was no easy task to move everything here but I am glad you did. I loved your other site too but I always had trouble reading your spam words and therefore commenting.

    Hope everyone s well now and I am adding this blog to my new sidebar:)

    Have a great weekend.




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