January 3, 2009

Oh birthday tree. Oh birthday tree. How pink, orange and sparkly are your branches.


Antibiotics are a good thing.

After taking them for 24 hours, Michal and Kenna perked up and remembered that they still had birthday presents that hadn't been opened sitting under their tree. Unopened presents, can you imagine?

So Eric undecorated their tree, I re-decorated it in birthday finery and they joyfully opened their birthday presents. The funny part was that this poor tree was so dead and so dry that the branches had literally collapsed. I had to kind of lean the ornaments against the branches instead of actually hanging them on them.

But the girls loved it and thought we definitely should keep it up "for a really, really long time." Eric pointed out that we could do that if Mommy would just agree to get a fake tree. I will admit the dead ugliness that became our trees this year did buoy his arguments in favor of fake trees . . . just a little.








  1. Anonymous8:36 PM

    I had those Cottontails when I was little!!!

    I love the new blog!

  2. Hi, Thanks for stopping by my blog and giving me advice for the cold weather. I love your blog, your girls are absolutely adorable. What blessings! I really enjoyed looking at the Disney pictures. I felt like I was experiencing Disney through the eyes of two 5 year olds, what a wonder! It looks like you had a good time in Florida. Glad we could give you good weather :)

  3. Too funny about the tree. When I first read that the branches were all dead I thought "Well at least it's a real tree." Then I see there are forces trying to convince you to go fake. Stay real!! Or at least maybe one real, one fake? I read that you do two, so maybe use the fake for the one you like to decorate for the girls and do a real one for the other one so you can maintain the wonderful tradition of getting the tree and the pine scent.

  4. Love the look on their faces while opening their gifts!
    And the tree is cute.
    We have a fake tree and although it's pretty realistic, it's not the same as a real tree. On the other hand, I don't have to pick up pine needles!

  5. Beautiful pictures of the girls appreciating their presents! and gorgeous new blog.

  6. Love your new blog. I have to say the birthday tree is precious and I may be a copy cat if you don't mind. Ava's birthday is coming up in April. Your girls are darling!

  7. I'm a December baby and I NEVER had a birthday tree growing up... no fair :)

    Glad the girls are feeling better.

  8. The idea of the birthday tree is very fun. I'm sure your girls absolutely love their orange and pink and sparkly tree!

  9. Love the new blog. What a great idea of getting one last use out of the Christmas tree and it's very cute. Seeing your Disney trip was fun too, what a great time and Birthday buttons should last for the entire Birthday month!!



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