January 20, 2009

No more monkeys . . .


Michal and Kenna love to jump. From the first moment we placed them in their cribs, they jumped. Our first trip to the emergency room -- yes, there's been more than one -- was when Kenna was jumping in her crib, caught her chin and put her top teeth through her bottom lip. That was also the moment that napping ended in our house since both girls decided two hours of jumping was much preferred to sleeping. Oh, what a sad day that was.

When they first went to gymnastics class, and weren't even two yet, they refused to swing from the rings, they wouldn't climb the obstacle course of mats but boy could they jump. The other kids would walk or wobble down the trampoline but not my two. They'd hop and jump and leap -- with incredible enthusiasm -- down the tumble track.

And, if I'd let them, they would jump on the couch or the beds as often as possible. So this morning we were in my bedroom admiring the sheet of icicles outside of one of my windows. As I was explaining why it was again much too cold to play outside, I had a weak moment and asked if they wanted to jump on my bed.

The answer was a resounding "yes."

So they jumped, and giggled and jumped some more. And thankfully, there were no trips to the emergency room.












  1. Oh Kristi...these are PURE joy! They brought such a smile to my face. The jumping, the laughter, the adorable skirts, your pretty iron bed, those clippies (which I ordered a few days ago too) AND your photography---all of it is beautiful!!!! I remember reading about when their naps ended and I remember feeling bad for you way back then:(


  2. I've been following your blog for quite some time...not sure if I've ever posted.

    Those are adorable photos! What a fun mom you are! I'm feeling a little sad that it's never even occured to me to let my two (energetic) boys and my little girl jump on our bed!

    Would you share where those cute little skirts came from? Are they an Etsy find?

  3. Kristi!
    Those pics are amazing! You have totally captured their sweet essence. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kenna & Michal both look so happy jumping on your bed! There skirts are so cute and so are your girls!

    Best wishes,

  5. Mary,

    The skirts are from Etsy. Here's the link to the store: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5000309A
    (I don't know how to create an actual link but here's the address.)

    The seller's name is Pretty Me and she makes these skirts in lots of different fabric combinations. There is a darling purple and blue one in her shop right now!

  6. What fun....these pictures really make me smile!

  7. Anonymous9:38 PM


    Our girls are jumpers too! We often wake up to the sound of them jumping in their cribs in the a.m. We have tried letting them nap together, but all they want to do is jump, so we have to separate them at naptime :)

    The pictures are too cute. I remember jumping on my parents bed as a child...what fun!

  8. What fun! You're so right -- those two know how to jump!!

    Have a fun week!


  9. Kristi, you are one cool Mom! I love the absolute joy on their faces!

  10. Love the pictures and love their outfits! So cute. I have a picture of Lucy flying through the air today, too!

  11. This post could've been written by me! My 3 year old tornado doesn't walk - he skips, jumps and runs all.the.time.

    I love the smiles on their faces - sheer joy!

  12. There must have been plenty of squeals and giggles!

  13. Kristi,

    Of course I love all of your photos...but these may be some my favorites ever. You captured pure joy....and the lighting is fantastic. The skirts are darling...and the girls wearing them...over the top cute!!! Good for you and your "weak moment"...Michal and Kenna will forever remember how much fun their mom was the day she let them jump on her bed!!! What a good lesson to all of us...I think I will "forgo" one of our usual rules today and have some fun with my little monkey in your honor....hmmmm....ice cream BEFORE dinner??? hide and seek TWO times befor bed??? TWO shots of bubble bath instead of one??? The possibilities are just endless...and oh so fun to contmeplate!!!

    Happy New Year to you all!!

    Kate (and Lia..who no doubt, will be thanking you later!!)

  14. Anonymous1:01 PM

    Such a fun and happy post! I always love your photos, but the first and last in this post are two of my favorites!


  15. What a fun way to spend a cold day inside! These are beautiful photos - I love the joy on your girls faces, and their adorable outfits too :)

  16. OH, My Gosh.... they are so beautiful! Now I want to go jump on the bed too! heheee love the pics and their outfits are soooooooooooo darling! YOu have inspired me....
    Enjoy your day and I hope their little feet stay on the ground today.

  17. Oh, what a good way to wear a toddler out LOL.
    Great photos and the picture of joy!

    Guess you're the coolest Mommy on the block! Can K come over and play:)) She jumps like a baby Kangaroo with springs! We're buying her a little trampoline to jump on since at least she can hold on to the handles. Hmmm, wasn't that on some infomercial?



  18. Love these pics!!! And their skirts are sooo cute!!



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