January 19, 2009

Pink. Orange. Ariel blue.


The girls and I went to Chinatown so they could get new dresses to wear to a Chinese New Year celebration this weekend. The first store we went in had racks of dresses in the back. The moment we approached the dresses, Michal told me she would like a pink dress. No surprise there. She regularly tells me she thinks I should paint our house pink. The child is the embodiment of Pinkalicous. She then added that she didn't want just any pink dress but the "fancy, fanciest pink dress in the whole store." Again, no surprise. She is probably, more accurately, the embodiment of Fancy Nancy who has recently read "Pinkalicous."

I found a light pink dress and then, joy oh joy, a hot pink dress . . . with gold trim. Sold. The hot pink dress was definitely the fanciest dress in the whole store. I think even Fancy Nancy would approve. (Plus, it looks downright fabulous with Ugg boots that have wet toes from trudging through the snow.)

It was now Kenna's turn. I returned to the racks and told her I only saw an orange outfit with pants but not a dress. It was then that she told me, "Mommy, orange isn't my favorite color any more. My new favorite color is Ariel blue. Orange was my favorite color when I was four but now I'm five and Ariel blue is my favorite color so could I please have an Ariel blue dress?"

"Umm. Sure. How about this one?" Sold. $5.00 for parking. Four minutes shopping. Two very happy girls.

And one new favorite color.



  1. Happy New Year ~ we'll be celebrating this weekend as well!
    Hot pink and Ariel blue...gorgeous just like your girls.

  2. So sweet!! Your girls look lovely in those bright vibrant colors!

    Have a good weekend!


  3. I love the colors. Happy New Year!

  4. Of course, Ariel Blue. She looks gorgeous in that color. I wish I had a Chinatown here. Does that store do mail order?

  5. They look adorable from the little peeks. The colors are gorgeous. We have a China town here too and I want to go get Kate some dresses but not sure which places to go. I cannot wait to see shots of the complete dresses:)


  6. Kathy,

    The store is called Gift Land and on the tag there is a website but I tried it and it doesn't work. If you ever do want a dress, I'd be happy to send you one. We actually will be going back to Chinatown this week. The cherished pink dress didn't make it through a long night of dancing last night!



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