December 30, 2008

Oh that birthday button.

IMG_1456 2

Yesterday Michal and Kenna discovered the power of the Disney Birthday Button. When you wear it, people tell you "happy birthday," give you Mickey Mouse stickers, and, best of all, desserts with candles appear at the end of meals. That little round badge is a pretty powerful thing it turns out. And in the spirit of recognizing a good thing when they've got it -- especially something that involves chocolate and sprinkles -- Michal and Kenna insisted on wearing their birthday buttons again today.

So with birthday buttons proudly displayed, we headed back to Epcot where we brunched with princesses in Norway and, of course, received two of the much-coveted birthday cupcakes. We then headed to Animal Kingdom, where it turns out lots and lots of other people headed today too. We ended up in Dino Land, where Michal and Kenna got their faces painted -- the highlight of their day -- and later we had dinner at a fabulous restaurant at our hotel -- the highlight of my day. And yes, our meal, thanks to the cherished birthday button, ended with a birthday dessert. This time it was one I could get excited about -- molten chocolate cake and ice cream . . . with two candles.

It's a good thing we head home tomorrow or I am positive they would both want to wear their buttons for a third day. And I would be tempted to let them. There is, after all, dessert involved.

IMG_1368 2













  1. What a magical time - LOVE your photos :)

    Your new blog is beautiful!

  2. Oh I just love that last picture of the entire family!
    I need a birthday button - just for the desserts, mind you. :o)

  3. Oh what fun you all must have had! I love the face pretty!!
    Thanks for the visit Kristi!

  4. My birthday is next month...I should think about finding a birthday button to wear!

    Looks like you had a fabulous trip.


  5. Beautiful photography and subjects!! I remember seeing you all (your pic) when we were researching china adoption!! Happy 5th bday to the twins! We are taking Bailey to Disney World soon. I had made the reserv right before we left for China! ahahh I hope she likes it at 3 yrs as much as your girls do!!
    PS My husband was raised in Saratoga!

    I am showing Bailey this post to get her excited!

  6. Yeah, I want a birthday button, too! I'm loving those shoes! Where, oh where, did you get them? Your pix are fabulous, as always. And the face painting is beautiful. Wish we had done that when we were there this summer...

  7. Loving the new blog layout, etc. The picure here is a real let down though. How come you and Eric didn't opt in on the face painting?



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