December 26, 2008

Hello Disney.


After the stockings had been unhung and the gifts unwrapped, we cleaned up the mess, stacked up the toys and packed our suitcases for Disney World!

We arrived in Florida Christmas night and were greeted by dreamy 72-degree weather and palm trees strung with Christmas lights.

Absolutely perfect.

Today we went to Disney Hollywood Studios and saw parades and shows and ate dinner at the Prime Time Cafe, which was hysterical by the way! The best thing though was the Osbourne Family Christmas Lights. The Osbournes are an Arkansas family who put up millions of Christmas lights, to the dismay of their neighbors, and ultimately were sued and ordered to take them down. Disney contacted the family and asked if they could put the lights up at Hollywood Studios. I have truly never seen anything quite like it. Every building is covered with lights that dance and blink to music. The whole show is then topped off with "snow" coming off the tops of the building. It was really fun.

At one point, Michal looked at me and said, "Mommy, what season is it in Florida?" I laughed and told her it was winter in Florida just like it was winter at home. She paused for a minute and then said, "I like this winter much better. Let's move to Florida."











  1. I agree with Michal, Florida winters are much nicer!

  2. awww i don't know if you read this anytime soon, but i was going back and catching up. i just had to comment here. i am origanally from Arkansas, Little Rock in fact. I remeber going to see the osbourn (sp?) lights when i was little. how magical! thanks for the pictures. you girls are toooooo cute by the way!



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