December 28, 2008

Epcot. Oh how I love thee.


Today we took the boat from our hotel to Epcot -- and yes, that definitely counts as a ride! The boat drops you at the back of Epcot, where all of the world pavilions are, and since almost everyone else arrives at the front, the back was, dare I even say it, not crowded.

It was lovely.

The girls made masks. They saw Aladdin and the Genie in Morocco. They met Mulan (double squeal!) and Mu Shu in China. Donald Duck signed their autograph book in Mexico and they saw Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland in the United Kingdom.

Did I mention how nice it was to not stand in line for more than a couple minutes? I'll just say it again. It was lovely.

We took the boat back to our hotel -- ride number two for the day in case you're counting -- and spent the evening on the Boardwalk. We rented a bicycle and the girls incessantly rang the bell as we rode around the lake -- twice. We had a fabulous dinner and smiled smugly when we saw the people who were wearing jackets in the 70-degree weather since we were happily wearing flip flops. Well, at least I was wearing flip flops.

It really was, well, lovely.














  1. Anonymous10:55 AM

    Hello Christi,
    Love your new blog. Your old website would not direct to this blog. I had to Google it. Thanks for sharing. Your twins make my days!

    Rose from Canada

  2. love the new look!

    happy new year to the 4 of you.

  3. Anonymous1:45 PM

    It does direct to the blog right now, did the Disney staff remembered your daughters?

  4. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Now I found you on blogger and I can comment the way I always do. HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!! Love the new look. I just ordered that print from sarah jane yesterday. Did you get the trio of just that one? Love it! Good luck moving everything over. That is going to be a big job! (I think I love exclamation points today). hehehehe. Take care.


  5. We have all three of the Sarah Jane prints. They actually are Michal and Kenna. :)

  6. Kristi,

    You're new blog looks fabulous! I was wondering... how did you get your photos to appear so large? I would love to do the same on my blog too. Good luck adding your older posts!

    BTW... I live in S. Florida and I must agree with your daughter, the weather here is much nicer right now then where you are! :) Stay warm!

  7. To change the size of your photos you just upload them to Flickr and then, once uploaded, you click on the photo you want to post. Once the photo is open you'll see an option above the photo that says, "View All Sizes." Click on that and it will give you various size options: small, medium, large. Select the size you want and then copy the provided HTML code. Paste that code into your blog page and voila! You've chosen the size of photo you want.



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