December 7, 2008

Christmas in the city.

Today we went to Macy's to have lunch, see the Christmas windows and visit the FAO Schwartz floor in the store.

One of the things that the girls like best about the downtown Macy's is the endless escalators that there are to ride. When we reached the first escalator they both paused, leaned over the railing -- no gasping Grandma Jan -- and started saying, "Hi. Merry Christmas." to anyone who came up the escalator. They didn't want to leave their self-appointed post as "Macy's Official Christmas Greeters" so after five minutes of watching the Holiday Committee of Two at work, Eric and I had to prod them on the escalator despite their pleas to stay longer.

The fun thing about riding escalators with them is that Michal is scared to step on by herself so I have to pick her up, and then immediately put her down, because, as she tells me every time, "I'm not afraid of the riding part, just the getting on part." So after picking her up and putting down at least 10 times, we'd eaten lunch, been sprinkled with fairy dusty by a Christmas fairy, admired the Tommy Hilfiger-designed tree in the Walnut Room, ridden in the elevator because I was tired of lifting Michal up and down and scoped out the FAO Schwartz toys -- including a $6,000 stuffed dragon that will not be under our tree this year. (I would love to know who does buy a $6,000 stuffed dragon.)

We also spent some time outside admiring the decorated windows. It was really cold though and we didn't last long before we headed back inside for hot chocolate.

We also saw Ralph in concert today, which is always fun. He was very enthusiastic when I wanted to take a picture. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for Michal and Kenna. They were not interested in on-demand smiling, only in getting Ralph's autograph on their ticket.

They were both however more than enthusiastic when it came time to join the swarms of other pint-sized Ralph fans on stage for the final song. They literally dragged me down the aisle to the stage and, once up there, Kenna wormed her way back on the stage so she had a better spot. Michal stayed at the front of the stage where I could see her and where she could make sure the audience could see her too.

In the last picture you can see our friend Ella and Kenna in the background.

All in all, it was a very good day.

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