November 25, 2008

The Thanksgiving Lunch

Eric and I were Michal and Kenna's special guests today at their preschool Thanksgiving lunch.

They were each allowed to invite one adult guest to come to this special event and their teacher must have really driven this point home because they were both a little stressed that they were bringing their mom AND their dad since they were only allowed to bring one person. It took some explaining to convince them that it was OK since one could bring me as a guest and the other could bring Eric.

The menu for the Thanksgiving lunch included: chicken noodle soup, corn muffins, popcorn, a chocolate chip cookie and apple juice.

The pilgrims and Indians would have been proud.

I especially liked Kenna's Indian headdress. She opted for a modern interpretation of native American head wear and drew a bus on hers. That's my girl. Never one to give into convention.

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