November 4, 2008

I voted today.

Today is Election Day. It's the day where we all get one vote, one opportunity to have our opinion counted. I was struck, as Michal, Kenna and I sat in the Middle School cafeteria -- our designated polling place -- by what an unglamorous process voting actually is. I think Michal and Kenna were initially pretty underwhelmed by "voting for the President of the United States," as Kenna put it, and I can understand why. It's got to be difficult to grasp the "bigness" of voting when you're sitting at a school lunch table, filled with bottled water and Hostess powdered donuts -- intended for the election volunteers -- in a big echoing room that smells oddly of pizza and gym socks.

I tried my very best to give my girls an appropriate Civics lesson while we were there but I think the most memorable part of the day for them was that they got a sticker, and stickers, in case you didn't know, make anything seem big and special and, in Michal's words "fancy and princessy." They thought it was especially funny that they got a sticker that said, "I Voted Today" when they didn't actually vote but I did.

So they may not have completely understood why we were there but maybe they'll remember that on their very first Election Day they went to vote in the middle school cafeteria and that they spent a beautiful, 73-degree day playing outside with their friends at the Arboretum. And that they got a sticker.

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