November 24, 2008

Funny girls. Very funny girls.

Michal and Kenna are pretty darn funny. Sometimes they mean to be. Most of the time they're funny without even realizing it.

For example, a couple days ago we were at the mall. The mall, to Michal and Kenna's utter joy and delight, is decked for Christmas from top to bottom. In addition to more glitz and glitter than two little girls could ever dream of, Santa has arrived to his cozy little cottage in the center of the mall.

When they saw him they asked me if he was the real Santa. Then they asked if they could stand at the fence, designed to corral the waiting-to-see-Santa masses, and wave to him. I told them that they could wave but we'd come another day to sit on his lap. As we were just walking away, Kenna ran back to the fence, and yelled as loud as she could, "Santa, I want a train that's automatic . . . please."

I think she wanted to make sure she got her order in just in case we weren't back at the mall any time soon.

Yesterday the cable guy came to fix the cable and the girls both sat on the couch, watching him and asking a million questions. He finally looked at them and said, "You're very curious aren't you?" To which Kenna replied, "I'm a girl. I'm not a monkey."

And tonight I got a lesson in four-year old theology. Kenna asked me if God lives in the sky. She then asked if we could take an airplane to see him. She continued by asking if he wore a cape. When I told her "no" she asked if he had wings or magic hands so he could fly.

Finally, after thinking for a couple minutes, she told me, "I think God is a she not a he. If girls AND boys can be pilots and bus drivers, a girl can be God too.

Oh, and the picture above? That would be the side of my car. Michal and Kenna drew buses and smiley faces along the entire side of it. When I asked them why they drew on my car they told me they were "making it fancy."

How could I possibly argue with that?

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