November 5, 2008

For Kensley

A couple of months ago the girls and I got an e-mail from Donna in Alabama who follows our blog. Her daughter's Kindergarten class was doing a gingerbread man project and each child in the Kindergarten class was asked to send a paper gingerbread man to someone in another state. That person in turn would take pictures of the gingerbread man and send back postcards or souvenirs to the Kindergarten class. Donna asked if Kensley could send her gingerbread man to us.

We of course said yes!

So Michal and Kenna -- who actually received two gingerbread men -- colored them and added bows and then started dragging them around with us. We've taken them to downtown Chicago and to the beach at Indiana Dunes State Park. They've been out to eat at PF Chang's, they've played in the leaves and they even came with us to vote on Tuesday.

The gingerbread boys, and some goodies for Kensley and her classmates, are now packed in a box all ready to make their way back to Alabama.

Thank you Kensley for choosing us! Your gingerbread men will be on their way home soon.

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