January 1, 2004

About Me


Hi.  I'm Kristi and I am the mother of identical twin girls and the wife of a truly-great guy. I worked in corporate America as a marketing executive for many years before I became a mom.  I still do a little freelance public relations work but my "primary" job is being home with my girls.

And speaking of our girls, they were born in China on December 29, 2003 and joined our family on July 11, 2005.  I started this blog right before we went to China so that my parents could follow our trip. I kept it up once we got home so my parents could see what the girls were doing. I never expected that other people would read it too. A truly happy surprise!

And not that you asked, but here are a few more things about me that you might like to know.

I am not a morning person.

I love being a mom.

Being a mom is not at all like what I thought it was going to be.

It's much harder.

I have traveled a lot.

So have Kenna and Michal.

They can now put 22 states and two countries on their "Been There!" list.

I believe ice cream is a food group.

My girls believe it too.

I love tea parties, tree houses and fireflies.

I have been married for 23 years.

We met on a blind date.

I was a vegetarian when we met but didn't want him to think I was strange so I ate a cheeseburger and went home and promptly threw up.

He married me any way.

I hate olives.

Strangely, I still like cheeseburgers.

I like to people watch.

I need a creative outlet.

I can lose myself for hours on Pinterest.

I love what I do most days.

I can be super silly.

I also can be very serious.

It makes me delightfully happy when a new magazine arrives in the mail.

I am insanely competitive.

I try hard not to be.

I mentally redecorate a room when I walk into it.

I can't help myself.

I proof as I read.

I can't help that either.

This includes books, magazines, signs and just about anything written.

This little habit made for lots of laughs in China.

I would always eat dessert first if I could.

We officially eat dessert first on birthday eves.

I love taking pictures.

I wish I had magical powers.

My children think they do.

I’m most comfortable in flip flops.

I wear them here in Chicago until the first snow.

I really want my girls to have a memorable childhood.

I love planning parties.

I am addicted to the Internet but don't like Facebook one bit.

I am also addicted to cute children's clothing.

It breaks my heart that my girls are too old for bows and now want "hip" clothes.

I love a good garage sale, thrift shop or antique store.

I really believe old is better.

We celebrate half birthdays with chocolate cake.

I was the president of the PTA.

I like hyphenated adjectives.

I cherish my friends and believe family is everything.

And a few more things you might like to know.

Kenna and Michal are eight and in the third grade.

Michal's name is pronounced McCall, just like the magazine or pattern maker. It's a feminized form of Michael.  The original Michal worked for Eric a zillion years ago.

Eric and I both grew up in the West -- California, Arizona, Washington and Utah and we now live in the leafy Western suburbs of Chicago.

I take pictures with a Canon 50D. I use a Canon 50mm 1.2 lens most of the time but also shoot with an 85mm and a 24-70mm.

And finally.

I sometimes share information about products here and do an annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway.  I am not compensated in any way for the reviews I provide here. 

I love getting comments and emails and sincerely appreciate you taking your time to leave them.


  1. Anonymous12:59 PM

    Love your blog! Wondering if you will update the links for Big girl room and Nursery? Thank you! Stay warm!

  2. Just wanted to write and tell you how much I love your blog. You make me want to be a better mom. Your blog is amazing. Your girls are precious and the stories about them make me smile. I have followed your blog even before we adopted our daughter Addie (who is 4). Thank you for sharing your beautiful family!



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