October 4, 2008

It's good to be a girl. Really good.

This was the Grand Opening weekend at American Girl Place in downtown Chicago. The American Girl Place has actually been in downtown Chicago for a long time but they just moved across the street to a larger location.

Thanks to a good friend, we had reservations for dinner at the American Girl Cafe on this celebration weekend. The Cafe is decorated exactly as you would expect it to be. It's black and white and hot pink. Lots of hot pink. There are flower-covered chandeliers and whimsically-striped curtains. The tables are set with china and the napkin rings also happen to be ponytail holders for your hair. It's over-the-top girly and fabulous enough to get a double gasp from Michal and Kenna when we walked though the doors.

They both pronounced it, "very fancy" and Michal declared that, "Fancy Nancy would love this little girl restaurant." And she's right. Fancy Nancy definitely would.

Once we were seated, our waitress hooked chairs -- hot pink chairs -- to the table so the girls' dolls would have a place to sit too. She also brought the dolls black-and-white striped tea cups. Kenna then asked for a napkin for her doll and a drink for her doll and food for her doll . . .

The dinner was charming and fun and watching Michal and Kenna made the experience absolutely priceless.

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