October 15, 2008

It had me at hello.

Every once in awhile I like to seek out a little creative inspiration by blog hopping. (Would that be blopping?) A couple of nights ago I started at the blog of a designer I really admire , followed one of her links to another blog, and then just kept "blopping" around until I stumbled upon a blog with a post titled "Pumpkin Decorating Ideas." It was a list of links to creative, funny and amazing pumpkins featured in current issues of decorating magazines. Accompanying the post was a photo of a Cinderella pumpkin carriage that's in the current issue of Hallmark Magazine.

I was instantly smitten.

So yesterday, while the dynamic duo were on their very first school field trip, I went to the book store and bought Hallmark Magazine and then headed to Home Depot and the craft store in search of supplies so the girls and I could make our very own pumpkin carriage. I never did figure out where you're supposed to find "ornate metal belt buckles" but I substituted a small frame and two frame Christmas ornaments and they work just fine.

Once I picked Michal and Kenna up from school, we headed to the pumpkin patch where we found an indescribably-heavy blue-gray pumpkin and four small orange pumpkins. We brought our dirt-covered pumpkins home and washed them and brought them inside.

I had to modify the instructions some since the carriage is supposed to be suspended on a wire "X" and the pumpkin we bought is so heavy that no amount of wire would have held it up. I also elected to not actually carve the holes for the windows and the doors and instead I just put screws in the side of the pumpkin and hung the frames on the side. I put a layer of orange paper and a layer of waxed paper in the windows so it would give the illusion of light coming through the windows.

I'm still searching for "ornate metal belt buckles" -- if you ever see any, let me know -- and I just may have to make Mr. Pumpkin and some pumpkin houses, both are featured in the article too.

A little update . . . the girls and I were at Whole Foods and spied the same yellow-white pumpkins that were used for the wheels in the picture of the pumpkin coach. So, we bought two and upgraded our coach wheels. (And yes, this is concrete evidence of my serial holiday decorating. I just keep amending and tinkering until the holiday actually comes. It's a very bad habit.) The girls also decided that the mice needed to ride on top of the pumpkin instead of standing beside it. So that's where they are now. Perched on top.

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