October 31, 2008

How to Have a Happy Halloween

  1. Ask the weatherman to promise you a day in the high 60's even though you live in Chicago.
  2. Decide that after wearing your Cinderella costume five times you'd like to be Ariel, no Aurora, instead.
  3. Reluctantly eat a little bit of dinner even though it's only 4:15.
  4. Sit patiently in a kitchen chair getting the oh-so-important princess glitter sprinkled on your hair and then, the best part of all, get to wear real eyeshadow. Real blue eyeshadow. And lip gloss.
  5. Put on your fantastic princess dress, sparkly shoes and other princess accessories.
  6. Run from house to house joyously trick-or-treating, which includes going to the door alone while Mom and Dad hang back a little since, as you say one thousand times a day, "you're such big girls now."
  7. Ask at every single house, "Is that chocolate?" even though you still believe that "candy is only for Daddy."
  8. Change out of your princess dress to play with the kids at the neighborhood front yard BBQ. (See number 1.)
  9. Move to a second neighbor's house for bonfire, s'mores and endless jumping on their trampoline.
  10. Go home. Declare you're starving. Have a bedtime snack and then fall asleep 10 seconds after your head hits the pillow.

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