October 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Julia! Oops, I mean Princess Aurora.

Today was a very princess-filled day.

Take seven little girls and give them a closet full of princess dresses, add in piles of necklaces and bracelets, 20 pairs of dress up shoes and a drawer full of tiaras. Then add fancy princess hair dos, nail polish and a real princess craft. Top it all off with lots of glitter and sparkles -- and purple-flower-topped cupcakes and pink lemonade -- and you have one magical birthday afternoon.

Thank you Julia, who is in the purple princess dress and who -- in very princess-like fashion, insisted that we sing "Happy Birthday to Princess Aurora," not Julia -- for letting us celebrate your special day with you!

Happy Birthday!

Kenna is in the photo below and Michal is in the next photo of a little girl wearing a yellow Belle dress.

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