September 15, 2008

So what did you do this morning?

Me? Well I went through an entire bottle of Method Peppermint Window cleaner, a roll of paper towels and a good portion of a jar of cinnamon.

It actually started two nights ago. The girls and I came home from a little in-the-rain adventure to find six bazillion teeny-tiny sugar ants marching in front of our couch with reckless abandon. These were just little, non-biting ants but they belong outside, not on my floor.

I plunked the girls on the couch, turned on Ni Hao Kai Lan -- an episode where, ironically, Kai Lan and her friends were building a lovely playground for some ants -- and started mopping the little critters up. I was muttering that I didn't know why we had ants inside when Michal answered, "It's because ants just love people."

Oh great.

So the next morning I got up, naively believing that the ants would have seen the demise of their friends and would no longer be hanging out in my family room. Wishful thinking. Their numbers had dwindled considerably but they were still there. Lots of them were still there.

A friend called in the midst of my "Operation Ant Obliteration Part Two" and I was complaining that I didn't know how to get rid of them because I wasn't willing to spray some toxic concoction where the girls play. She told me that ants hate peppermint oil and cinnamon.

Well OK then. I have Method Peppermint Window cleaner and I have cinnamon. So I wiped the floor with the cleaner and sprinkled cinnamon along the baseboard and in front of the couch. And you know what? The ants disappeared. The girls and I went out for the day and came home and there still wasn't one single ant. I felt victorious. I had triumphed over the ants and I'd done it without one squirt of Raid.

And then I got up this morning. And those darn ants were back. There weren't a lot of them but those that returned must not know that ants don't like peppermint oil and cinnamon. So, out came the paper towels, a new bottle of Method Peppermint Window Cleaner and the now-half-empty bottle of cinnamon.

I am crossing my fingers that this will get rid of them once and for all. Or maybe Michal's right and it's as simple as ants just love people.

I sure hope not. My family room smells like cheap Christmas potpourri, the couch is pushed back from where it belongs and if these ants are here much longer I am absolutely sure the dynamic duo is going to suggest we build them a playground. And let me tell you, until we finish the dollhouse, I'm not taking on any more miniature construction projects.

You simply have to draw the line somewhere, even if that line is made of cinnamon. :)

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