September 22, 2008

Picking Pumpkins

Eric planted regular-sized and mini pumpkins for the girls at the beginning of the summer. The vines have now taken over the lilac bushes, the forsythia bushes and most of a flower bed. The squirrels were starting to eat the little pumpkins so we decided to harvest them a little early. We picked enough of them to fill a vase, which is making the living room coffee table look oh-so-Fallish.

And speaking of Fall, Happy First day of Autumn. I love Fall. If only it weren't a prelude to the-oh-so-dreaded winter . . .

And one other funny thing . . . in the second to last picture of Kenna she was making the American Airlines logo with the pumpkins. (Squint a little and you'll see it too.) I brought she and Michal pilot hats when I came back from a recent trip to California and Kenna, who tells me often that she is going to be, "a pilot, then an astronaut, then a bus driver, then a photographer and a mommy, and then a mail lady," really likes dressing up in hers. And yep, it has an American Airlines logo on it.

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