September 6, 2008

I believe I can now add "Soccer Mom" to my resume.

Michal and Kenna started a six-week "preschool soccer" program this morning. It's a non-competitive program that's designed to teach them the basics of soccer.

It was a pretty darn funny morning. Michal and Kenna have never played soccer. Clearly there were lots of other four- and five-year olds there who have.

When it came time to actually play a game -- and I use that term loosely -- they separated the girls from the boys, except for two of the girls who I guess were deemed "good enough" to stay and play with the boys. Thankfully, neither of our girls noticed that the separation was based on perceived ability.

The best moment of the morning was when they were playing a running game and Kenna was, well, strolling down the field. I went and asked her why she wasn't running and she told me, "I'm just tired of all this running." That moment only slightly edged out the one below. That's Kenna playing goalie. Yep, Mickey was much more exciting that trying to stop the ball being kicked by the fierce Strawberry Team.

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