September 7, 2008

Happy Birthday Nick and Jake!

Today we celebrated our friends' Nick and Jake's fourth birthday.

Michal and Kenna had an afternoon of non-stop fun. They played on the enormous swing set in Nick and Jake's backyard, they jumped in the moon jump then, to their mutual delight, a real fire engine arrived and it was pulling a horse trailer -- with two ponies! -- behind it. Does it get any better than that?

They rode ponies, climbed on the fire engine, rang the bell and then, joy oh joy, got to actually ride on the fire engine. Kenna asked me if it was a fire engine or a fire truck and I told her I'd have to find out for her. (Anyone know the distinction?) Michal, on the other hand, kept wondering why Nick and Jake didn't want a princess cake instead of a fire truck one. She just couldn't imagine that anyone wouldn't choose a princess cake for their birthday. That's my oh-so-fancy girl!

And if fire trucks and ponies weren't enough, there were sno-cones, popcorn and cotton candy too! Michal and Kenna only wanted popcorn . . . and cookies and birthday cake. The next morning when I asked Michal what she wanted for breakfast she said, "I don't think I can eat anything. I ate SO MUCH ate the party yesterday."

The very last picture of Jake is my very favorite from the day. The birthday cakes had been brought out and put on the table. We'd sung "Happy Birthday" to the boys and they'd blown out the candles. Jake was sitting waiting and waiting for someone to cut him a piece of cake. He finally just couldn't wait anymore and took matters into his own hands. As priceless as Jake's face is, look at the little girl in the background. The look on her face is hilarious too. I'm not sure if she's horrified or just trying to figure out how she can lick the cake too.

Thank you Nick and Jake for letting us help you celebrate your special day.

Happy Birthday!

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