September 26, 2008

Field Trip Friday - "The Farm Zoo"

Friday has been officially christened "Field Trip Friday." The girls get to choose our destination, we eat lunch at a "fancy restaurant" -- you know, someplace extravagant like Noodles -- and it is officially an errand-free day. We usually top the whole thing off by going to Starbuck's for madeleines.

Today Michal and Kenna chose The Cosley Zoo, which is as much a farm as it is a zoo. The girls love it. They have very serious discussions about their favorite farm animal -- Kenna's is a horse and Michal's is a pig -- and ask me deep questions like, "Mommy, I'm mooing at that cow, why isn't she mooing back?"

The Zoo was already set up for Halloween and had piles of pumpkins for sale, which was fun.

In the last photo it looks like Michal is a lot taller than Kenna but she really isn't. She is a smidgen taller than Kenna though, but just a smidgen. She's just standing on a little hill.

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