September 6, 2008

A Family Picnic

We went to a great family picnic this afternoon.

The girls decorated cookies with gobs of frosting and candy, had their faces painted -- that's an airplane, not a banana on Kenna's cheek just in case you're wondering -- and then participated in truly-funny relay races.

The highlight though was the scavenger hunt game we played. The kids were supposed to run up to an adult, who was holding a list, and be told the item they needed to find and then go back and tell their team what the item was. The items were things like "a person with pierced ears" or "a zoo membership card." The girls' ability to quickly accomplish this was, well, not the greatest. So, as the game went on the adults started carrying the kids back and forth while screaming what the needed item was. The longer we played the game, the more competitive the adults became, the louder the yelling was and the funnier it got. I am sad to report that we finished in last place but it certainly wasn't for a lack of kid-carrying-screaming-our-lungs-out effort!

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