August 5, 2008

A tree. A rope. And four crazy boys.

On the opposite side of the lake, tied to an extremely tall Lodge Pole Pine, is a rope swing. I have no idea who put the rope on the tree, or how they managed to hang, but they did and today Eric, Brent, Jason and Greer decided to try out their handiwork.

Kenna, Michal, Miya, Foster and I went along as the cheering section.

We also went to Marshall Lake today. It's an isolated lake that doesn't have any cabins on it. It's unbelievably pretty and tranquil and quiet enough that you're sure a bear is lurking around the next corner. Eric taught Kenna how to skip a rock and I finished the book I've been reading -- "The Memory Keeper's Daughter." (I highly recommend it by the way.)

Tonight Eric and I took the girls and Miya, Foster and Greer into town to get ice cream. It's a walk-up ice cream stand that, appropriately, is called "The Ice Cream Place." Michal was quite proud that she was "the only fancy one" who ordered rainbow sprinkles on her ice cream. To be honest, I don't understand the appeal of rainbow sprinkles but she thinks they're divine.

So there you have it . . . rope swings, skipping rocks and rainbow sprinkles. It doesn't get much better than that!

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