August 9, 2008

One last day . . . and one last ice cream cone.

Brent, Jason and all the kids left this morning to drive home and it's suddenly quiet around the cabin. There was a thunderstorm that rolled through this morning so we decided to go to town and get ice cream and walk around a little.

When we got back it was clear and beautiful again so we went out on the boat. The girls have learned to put their thumbs up to go faster and their thumbs down to go slower. They actually learned this for riding on the innertube but they've decided it works well in all situations. And it's funny because they seem to only put their thumbs up . . .

We fly home tomorrow and Michal and Kenna are thrilled they get to ride on a plane again. They are very sad to leave but are so excited at the prospect of getting to "fly" a plane again.

This has been a wonderful week and an absolutely lovely vacation. If it just didn't have to end . . .

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