August 19, 2008

Motor homes to princesses.

This was today's conversation.

Me: "Would you like to ride the train today?"

Michal: "Kenna is all about trains."

Me: "Kenna is all about trains?"

Michal: "Yep, she is all about trains."

Me: Kenna, are you all about trains?

Kenna: "Yes. I'm all about trains, motor homes, baby dolls, reading books, boats, singing and dancing, and princesses."

Me: "Oh, those are all great things. Michal, what are you all about?"

Michal: "I'm all about cars, motor homes, real babies, baby dolls, drawing, boats and princesses."

So there you have it . . . from motor homes to princesses. We've got varied tastes around here.

I just want to know where they learned the phrase "I'm all about." Too funny.

These pictures are from the pool. The last photo of Kenna was taken on our way home. She's holding her cup of water from Starbuck's and her baby Sofia that she insisted had to be in her car seat on her lap. Add in the princess sunglasses and the whole thing just makes me smile.

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