August 7, 2008

Just another perfect day.

Lake Inez is just one in a chain of lakes that are connected by rivers and waterways. Today we decided to take kayaks and a little rowboat and see how far we could get. The water got too shallow for Eric, the girls and I to continue in the rowboat but Brent and Jason were able to make it much farther in the kayaks. They finally turned around when someone yelled to them that there was a resident grizzly bear in the area. (My father-in-law later told them there really isn't a resident grizzly bear.)

Before dinner Eric, the girls and I took out the quads. There are years, when the fire danger is high or when there are forest fires in the area, when we're not allowed to ride anything with a motor in the forest but this year the fire danger is low and there aren't any restrictions. The girls had a blast and both even took a turn at "driving."

We ended the day with another trip to the tree swing . . . I took the last two photos in the boat on our way back to the cabin. The light was soft and beautiful and I just love how sweet Foster looks.

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